Are You Really Out Of Shape? Let’s Find Out


Are you worried that you aren’t in shape? Perhaps you are struggling with low levels of fitness and are concerned about how you look. It’s quite common for people who do not feel fit to have issues with low self-esteem and poor confidence. This is due to the concepts that society place on fitness, relating […]

The Truth about Fat Loss Pills

We have all come across a commercial for fat loss pills which promises us the world, but the actual truth is that they rarely live up to expectations. Most people just take the pill and expect it to work its magic. The truth, naturally, is that a pill and a glass of water will not […]

Women and Ageing

I was called to deliver a presentation to a group of women professionals and the topic picked was “women and ageing”, and I thought to myself, women! We never want to age. We still want to wear that size 8/10 top or pants even when we clock 70. Looking and feeling younger than one’s age […]

The Effect of Adequate Nutrition and Exercise

Some say nutrition and exercise are the best of both worlds bringing you to a desired fitness haven. Now, I totally concur. I usually paid little interest to exercise, I always thought: what’s the need? I’m fit. Well, I look fit. Until I read about what exercise does to the body. In fact, to gain […]