Fat distribution in your body, and care measures to take.

Fat distribution 1

An early observation of the fat distribution in human bodies French physician Jean Vague earlier (over 50 years ago) observed that people with larger waists had a higher risk of early-onset heart diseases and untimely death than people who had slimmer waist circumference or had more of their weight around their hips and thighs. (1) […]

Increase Human Growth Hormone production for Bulk Bod

When you’re a very young person, it seems all you have to do is eat a good steak and some legumes, do a few reps and what do you know – in a week or two, you’re looking build. However, the older you get, the less effective eating right and working out is for good […]

Does less meals mean you’ll lose weight?

Will you lose weight and become fit if you eat more or less meals a day? Breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon (or around that time), and dinner in the evening; that’s the meal plan most people try to stick to. Now, when people are trying to lose weight is when meal plans become […]

The Negative Effects of a Low Body Fat Percent

Body fat is essential to keeping our bodies healthy, because not all body fat is bad. The cardiovascular and central nervous system needs it, as well as our skeletal, endocrine, and reproductive systems. It is an energy source, and after about half an hour of exercise, when the carbohydrate reserves are depleted, your body starts […]