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  • Tonsil infections

    Here Are Diet Choices That Cause Tonsil Infections

    If you’ve ever experienced them before, you have probably asked yourself “why do I have tonsil stones, tonsillitis, and strep…

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  • Healthy-living-cover

    Healthy Living: Top 10 Tips for Sustainable

    Healthy living, much like marriage is a commitment you make for life. Statistics show that over 90% of women on…

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  • lose-weight-right

    Weight Loss – Drop Right Now With These Epic Tips

    Are you feeling a little down in the dumps because you think you need to lose weight? Well, if that’s…

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  • 6 Benefits Of Cutting Alcohol Out Of Your Life

    Hello, and welcome back, readers. Some of you may have just made it through ‘Dry January’. In other words, you’ve…

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  • The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

    “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” – W.C. Fields So, wine is usually considered…

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  • You Should Taste The Pineapple Express Today!

    Spiny on the outside, sweet on the inside, pineapples are one fantastic fruit. The fruit is made of many individual…

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  • Healthy Dietary Tips for Hypertension

    What is Hypertension? Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the arteries have persistently…

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  • Drink beer wisely

    Yes, still on alcohol. We’ve talked about its danger to the liver when taken excessively. But like I pointed out…

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  • Alcohol and your liver

    Two things prompted us to shed more light on liver health; it was world hepatitis day yesterday. A neighbour died…

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