Muscle loss: Prevention and Treatments

muscle loss

What do you understand by Muscle Loss? Muscle loss occurs when your muscle partially or completely wastes away and its mass decreases. Most cases of this loss are usually results of other pre-existing medical conditions. It is characterized by fatigue, extreme muscle weakness and shrinkage of your physical body. You may experience a decrease in […]

Health As You Age: The Ultimate Guide

health guide in ageing

As we get older, we make changes to improve our health so that we can be happier and healthier for longer. Here is the ultimate guide to looking after your health as you get older. Keep exercising One of the top ways you can stay fit and healthy is to ensure you keep exercising as […]

Women and Ageing

I was called to deliver a presentation to a group of women professionals and the topic picked was “women and ageing”, and I thought to myself, women! We never want to age. We still want to wear that size 8/10 top or pants even when we clock 70. Looking and feeling younger than one’s age […]