To Supplement; Eat Good, or Exercise Properly

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The losing weight market is constantly spamming everyone with the next supplement, miracle food, or exercise routine that will melt off the pounds in so many days/ways with before and after pictures of lean, tanned bodies. The nutrition supplement industry has a billion dollar market with the next fade coming every day being supported by apparent cutting edge science.

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It is important to understand that no food, exercise machine, or pill/pills, is going to turn you into that model in the before and after picture. These people selling dreams are professionals and can turn anyone into that 6 pack model. They can even airbrush you into whatever your mind thinks you would be after losing a million pounds. It is healthy to understand who you are and what is a realistic objective.

Be Realistic and Have Long & Short-term Goals

The person wanting to lose weight obviously did not pack the pounds on overnight. What this ultimately means is, the pounds are not going to melt away in a couple of hours or days. So, the thing to take home from this is  “patience”.  Be happy with the small gains and even no gains, however also keep in mind your long-term goals.

Eating Healthy and the Mind

We all know the background and evidence of metabolism, low fats, and overall sugar content and how they affect our weight. However, many people take for granted on how certain foods affect our minds and ultimately our energy. Having energy and a healthy mind goes a very long way in exercise and sustaining a daily regiment amongst our hectic lives.

Eating foods that fuel your nervous system is one of the best ways to lose weight. So many people eat fewer calories and walk around like a slug and zombie being drained of all energy. However, being selective on food and eating a lot of high energy foods will leave your hunger satisfied. And, it will leave you with a tonne more power to workout and be more productive.

Smart Foods to Eat

According to the Ultimate Smart Food Guide at Corpina, oats are great for your mind and body and are slow digesting to provide steady energy to your body and brain.  Avocados are among the greatest smart foods by promoting blood flow to the brain for optimal brain health. Blueberries are another super food and boost focus and as well memory.

Eating Pills/Supplement

We all see every day the next herbal supplement compounded to make you a Victoria Secret model in 4 hours. The picture shows us the evidence! Buy me 3 years worth for the best discount, please!

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It is normal to be duped by people that are advertising immediate results. We all want the reward overnight. However, the reality is the only way you will stay skinny is obtaining a new lifestyle and sticking with it.

This lifestyle should combine healthy eating, a consistent exercise and strength conditioning routine, and supplements to lose fat and build lean muscle mass and help metabolism to suppress appetite loss in order to gain the body you desire.

When finding what works, it is imperative to understand that losing weight is more dependent on the combination of many factors than just one single pill, food, or exercise by itself.

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