Stay in Shape: 10 Imperative Reasons For Doing This

10 Imperative Reasons to Stay in Shape

Staying in shape, being fit or maintaining fitness is never possible without pushing your own limits and compromising the comfort zone you’re always in. The journey to good has never been a smooth one until you have a will dominating the limitations.

Why Should You Stay in Shape?

A regular fitness regime is a key to body transformation. Staying in shape is nothing to do with getting back in your old wardrobe, it may have an impact on toning your body and cutting off the muffin top or back fat. Some may hit the gym, while others prefer to be homies, working out as required. Also, technology is also helping us to stay fit as we have numbers of healthcare and medicine delivery app these days. Other than a great body, staying in shape carries a lot of benefits, mentioned below are some of the imperative ones –

Improves IQ

Regular exercising increases the oxygen levels getting to your brain which in turn makes the brain utilization smooth for movement and coordination. This happens due to the increase of certain hormones released in the brain including dopamine and neurotransmitters. A survey test found that the concentration and memory of those who did regular exercise was improved.

Better Sleep

People who are indulged in regular exercising or some vigorous activities everyday experience a better sleep than the non-exercisers. The reason behind the mechanism is when the body is tired it requires rest for recovery, it put you to sleep early providing a satisfactory and sound sleep. Though overdoing the same can get you reverse effects. Too much tiredness may result in anxiety and sleepless nights.

Lower Diabetes Risk

People on a regular workout tend to lose weight quickly and maintain the proportion for long. it lowers the risk of diabetes and keeps us protected from gaining the extra kilos and keeping the balance maintained.

Ease Restless Leg

Things in motion benefit in keeping the metabolism strong! A little stress is good for our legs which can keep them moving and stable.  Exercise also helps in easing the restless leg syndrome.

Fewer Migraines

Migraines are tough to get rid of! The ones suffering from the deadly headaches know the severity. A study conducted in 2011 stated that regular exercise worked just as well as medication or relaxation therapy at limiting the headaches.

Strengthen the Bones

Bones are made up of muscles. Regular exercise and weight bearing give them a strength which prevents some of the natural declines in bone health which are typically seen with ageing. Choose the safest one, jogging, walking and strength training are the best even with time when you start to age.

Sickness Less Often

Regular exercising boosts the immune system and keeps your metabolism active! Do not overdo it as too much exercise can wear down the body making you less resistant to diseases.

Lower Blood Pressure

The heart turns more efficient at pumping blood which helps in lowering the blood pressure. Exercise stimulated the growth of new blood vessels. Low BP is not always bad, it can benefit in reducing the risk of heart diseases and heart attack, stroke, vision or memory loss. Erectile dysfunction and more.

Reduce Risk of Stroke

Moderate intensity workout at least five days a week can be a major element in reducing the risk of stroke. As exercise helps losing weight, controlling obesity and lowering blood pressure.

Protects Eyes

Higher exercise rates are linked to decreased risk of glaucoma which results in vision loss and blindness. The people who have exercised moderately have been successful in keeping the eye issues at bay.

Keep on shaking the leg and being in constant motion! Learn to stay fit, in shape, active with an improved body and smarter mind. Get a quick nutrition assessment report here.

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