If you are a small business, association, or corporate, non-profit, or government organization, invite us to educate your team members, empower them to make the right food choices and motivate them to take charge of their health.

Collins Akanno our founder and principal consultant is a compelling, charismatic communicator. He is often invited to speak at TV/Radio shows, organizations, associations and corporations as part of their health and wellness strategy. We empower our audiences to make the right choices and motivates them to take charge of their nutrition, health, and wellness.

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Do you know what is best to eat before your exercise/workout? Do you know how to fuel your body during and after your exercise? What are some healthy, nutritious dense snacks? Are you confused about supplements? Do you feel tired or sluggish most time of the day?

The sports dietitians at Diet234 can help you:
• boost your energy,
• lose body fat,
• build muscle,
• improve your athletic performance, and
• be a winner.

Think of the sports dietitian as your nutrition exercise coach who can assist you with your meal plan to enhance your performance when exercising. A nutritional assessment will include a computerized nutrition analysis, measurement of body fat, measurement of resting metabolic rate, and calculation of your total energy expenditure. Moreover, specific nutrition guidelines will be provided according to the exercise you perform.

After you meet with the sports dietitian, you will know:
• exactly how many calories you need daily to perform your exercise and live healthily,
• how many grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat you will need,
• how to distribute your calories according to your exercise bouts and lifestyle, and
• how many grams of carbohydrate and protein you’ll need before and after your workouts.


We define “Detox” as consuming at least 80% of your daily food from natural, powerful Superfoods full of antioxidants. These Superfoods will organically cleanse your body and provide you with optimal nutrition, health, and wellness. This is NOT a fad detox. This is a lifestyle program where you are living and eating whole foods, real foods, and delicious Superfoods plus organic food supplements.

We define superfoods as hardworking functional foods that far surpass basic nutritional content. They are, quite simply, the cleanest, most powerful, antioxidant-rich, anti-ageing foods available anywhere. Proving tremendous health benefits from heart health, brain health, boost the immune system, bone health, increasing energy and strength, increasing sexual drive and helping with erectile dysfunction.

Through the Anti-Aging Detox Program, you will:
• Increase energy
• Increase mental alertness & awareness
• Improve your mood
• Increase longevity
• Increase stamina
• Decrease internal inflammation

The 2-month program consists of:
• An initial assessment and nutrient analysis
• Customized meal plan with sample menus
• Metabolism test
• Shopping lists
• Snack ideas
• A bag full of superfoods and organic supplements
• Individualized nutrition coaching and behaviour change counselling from a Registered Dietitian


We work on the Whole Body program for weight management. It’s a program that encourages eating more, not less. We promote eating free which means eating what you like when you like, where you like. This approach frees you from guilt, emotional eating, boring meals and hunger pangs. And, this program aims to teach you the truth about exercise. While it’s great for health, it’s not the key to weight loss. You’ll learn that, if you only have a few extra hours in the week, you’ll be better off shopping and preparing the right foods and taking some time to de-stress than killing yourself to bust out an hour on the treadmill. Taking time to care for yourself, to eat and nourish your body; prioritize your health and diet; manage your work and stress load; relax and sleep, is the key to your health and weight.

• Do you need to lose weight?
• Are you exercising and not losing weight?
• Do you feel tired or sluggish?
• Do you feel guilty when eating?
• Can you maintain your weight loss?
• Are you at a plateau phase in your weight loss?
• Is your metabolism slow?
• Do you want to prevent diabetes or heart disease?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need Diet234!


This is a direct, in-person counselling and customized care services with a registered dietitian/nutrition coach. Programs are typically 3 to 6 months and consist of weekly and bi-monthly meetings. People that will likely want to use the Individual Program:

• Require more personal attention to increase their motivation
• People with uncontrolled existing conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, digestive disorders or any other nutrition-related health issues.
• For active people or athletes that would like to talk to experts in sports nutrition for a more detailed sports nutrition plan.

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