Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) is our #ManCrushMonday!

Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) is our #ManCrushMonday!
Jan 16, 2017 The Diet Blogger

Hi everyone! Watch our #MondayMotivation video below;

Our ManCrushMonday is Richard Mofe Damijo. RMD as he is widely known and fondly referred to as one of the most renowned male actors to come out of Nigeria in particular and Africa as a whole. He has starred in multiple number of movies and TV Series locally and internationally. A creative fire-brand, RMD wrote for several prestigious Nigerian newspapers including Concorde and The Guardian. In his early 30s, he published Nigeria’s first all-gloss magazine for men, ‘MISTER’ which he sold for several millions at age 33. A man of many parts, Richard Mofe Damijo is not only an actor, he is also a Writer, Lawyer, Creative Content Creator, Producer, Life-Coach, Public speaker, Master of Ceremony and Politician among other talents. Read more


Aside from his incredible achievements in the movie scene, RMD has consistently portrayed himself as a classic gentleman from his style to his looks. You’d agree with me that Richard Mofe Damijo is an ideal representation of the fifties team #fitfam.

In a statement to the press, Richard Mofe Damijo said…

“I woke up one morning, to be precise May 9th last year (2015) and I weighed 120kg. I said this cannot go on. Neither of my parents crossed 60kg. Thought it would be sinful for me to keep eating and putting on weight and living an unhealthy life. Then, I decided to just change my lifestyle. I didn’t diet, what I’m doing now is not dieting. I hate to use the word diet because when you say you are dieting you have to stop at one point. What I did was to change my lifestyle.”

“What I did was very simple. It’s all about knowing the kind of food you eat and what it contains. I have a daughter (Onome) from my late wife, who is obsessed with calories, weight gain and weight loss. She was with me all through Christmas and New Year. She’s 26. I love what I do now; I just eat well and exercise.”

richard mofe damijo bio


Now, there’s a popular saying that “Variety is the spice of life” Notice that in his bio, he is “experimental” with food? This should encourage us to try various cuisines so as to get nourished even as we carry out organoleptic testing. See these super-food combinations.

And so, like Richard Mofe Damijo our #ManCrushMonday for today, age with grace!

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