See What Obianuju Wore to the Gym On Saturday

On Saturday Mornings, Everyone is “fit fam”

It was one of those typical Saturdays mornings when all the “fitness enthusiasts” would rather gather at the gym for social meetups, “ThankGodItsSaturday” banter, or just observing as an excuse not to do some basic chores at home (but then, I may be wrong)…

And so, they stared at her as she came in through the slamming doors of the gym. But as she took off her sweat top to reveal her activewear there were noticeable murmurings that filled the room. Obianuju is a Nigerian, 5ft tall 29yr old, dark-skinned, large-chested and chubby or lets’s say overweighted female. She had been the “gym Shrek” but she appeared this Saturday with some glam.

Obianuju, the Gym Celebrity

In a short while, the gym room rang with applause. She quickly decided that this would be a dramatic moment yet great opportunity for her to make some new friends at last. Though she felt slightly embarrassed by the sudden attention, she was happy she made them look (including me).

“What?!! I found a great place to get comfortable, affordable, fashionable athletic wear”, she told her new friends at the gym and anyone who cared to listen. “They have the best sports bras for Large-Chested ladies like me!”, she added. It didn’t take long, the other ladies at the gym came poking at her attention-grabbing workout clothes (trust women!). You have to forgive me, I totally forgot to take photos of her. However, I got the exact picture of what she wore from Fabletics website. See pictures below. (take note of the back design…lovely!)

 Image source

Now to the rescue, I quickly walked in on them and successfully stole Obianuju away to ask more specific questions (like a CNN reporter *winks*) also to give her some morale booster as the new “gym celebrity”. To get on her friendly side, I asked her what her name Obianuju means. “I’m an Igbo girl. Obianuju or Ujunwa as my friends often calls me means ‘I came into abundance’ or ‘child of abundance'”, she replied. I was thrilled at her zesty response and the ironic correlation of her name to her physique (lol).

The Secret…

After introducing myself as a self-motivated blogger with Diet234 – a nutrition, health and wellness startup in Lagos. I went ahead to ask my question without hesitation. “Hi Obianuju, without a doubt, you look fabulous, please where did you get these workout clothes or was it handmade by you or your tailor?”. She chuckled, “No, neither I nor my tailor made them. My sister – Chinwendu got them for me from Fabletics, it’s a fitness apparel company owned by the famous Kate Hudson.” She replied. “My sister is part of their monthly membership structure” she added. You can read another customer’s review of the fitness gear here.

So, there it is. However, to further bond our new friendship, we offered her an initial FREE healthy weight consultation on Diet234 (a good will gift). Then, Obianuju quickly hurried off to get to her workout routines for the day. Nevertheless, I was glad I met up with her and got some valuable information for you readers. Have a super great week ahead!

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