The Nutrition Conference 2014

The 44th Annual General Meeting & Scientific “Nutrition Conference’ of The Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) kicks off tomorrow 2nd till 6th September 2014 at Newton Hotel, off Port Harcourt Rd., Owerri. It is tagged “Owerri 2014”. The set theme is

Adequate Nutrition: A Panacea for Sustainable Education & National Development.

How time flies…Last year’s nutrition conference was held at Calabar, capital city of Cross-River state, Nigeria. It was indeed a spectacular event that yielded resolutions to forge nutrition further on.

Now, I am excited that this year’s nutrition conference is set at Owerri, capital city of Imo State and it promises to be GRAND! Plus, I have a poster presentation to make on Friday 5th September of my latest nutrition research on PREVALENCE OF MALNUTRITION, AND THE PHYSICAL AND CLINICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF PRESCHOOL CHILDREN IN SURULERE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA (L.G.A), LAGOS, NIGERIA. A little bird told me that there was careful and critical selection of nutrition issues that hinder healthy living across all ages. The following are the sub themes to be discussed at this year’s nutrition conference.


  • Maternal, infant and young child nutrition
  • Nutrition and cognitive development
  • School feeding programmes
  • Micronutrient malnutrition
  • Nutrition and obesity
  • Advance Developments in Nutrition education and communication
  • Nutrition and non-communicable diseases
  • Nutrition transition
  • Nutrition and food security
  • Food processing and safety
  • Nutrition and stress management
  • Food fortification and supplementation
  • Public private partnership in nutrition
  • Dietary Diversification
  • Nutrition career progression and national development
  • Nutrition fallacy, fads and facts (Nutrition with the 3Fs)

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