Kitchen Equipment for a Vegan Lifestyle

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Some people seem to believe that vegans don’t own a kitchen or cook their food. That’s not exactly true. If you’re a vegan, you also know that in fact you need high quality kitchen equipment. Since you’re no longer putting meat and dairy into your diet.

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While the “joys” of fried bacon won’t be part of your meals, at the very least you still need high quality stoves such as induction stovetops, as well as the healthiest and safest cookware you can find to prepare your dishes properly. They offer balanced heat that doesn’t leave some parts burned while other parts are still raw.

Still, it’s very common for vegans to prioritize raw food preparation. After all, a raw food diet does concentrate mostly on fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, along with fermented foods and superfoods. You get to avoid processed food that eventually leads to obesity and ill health.

Here are some essential kitchen tools you’ll need for your mostly raw food diet:

Chef’s knife. Just because meat isn’t part of the menu anymore doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot of cutting and slicing in the kitchen. A great chef’s knife offers a really sharp edge that can cut your veggies cleanly without too much effort. It should be comfortable to handle and easy to control, otherwise that sharp edge can be dangerous for your fingers.

Masticating juicers. This design can get the juice from both fruits and vegetables, in such a way that you minimize the buildup of heat and oxidation. This setup maximizes the health benefits you get from the juices, which is why you switched to a vegan lifestyle in the first place, isn’t it? Some models can also let you make almond and soy milk, all-natural nut butters, and baby food.

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Dehydrators. This is a device that combines a fan with low temperatures so that the water from your food can be removed. This removes the moisture that bacteria need to grow and spoil your food. While, the low heat maintains the enzymes in the food intact so you can enjoy their health benefits.

Blender. The best ones have motors that are powerful enough to turn your various raw ingredients into soup. You can also use this to make your healthy smoothie in the morning, and then later in the day you can also use it to make your own cashew cheese. Who says a vegan diet has to be bland? With the right blender, your food can be just as colorful and delicious as non-vegan diets.

Some more kitchen tools…

Food processor. It can be very time-consuming to prepare food in the kitchen. But, you can cut some of that time with a proper food processor. With this, you no longer have to go through the tedious and slow work of grinding, shredding, and chopping your food. Your salsa can become amazing, and with it you can make pumpkin butter tarts to die for.

Mandolin slicers. You can use this for your raw recipes and fresh salads. It helps you shred your cabbage, and make carrot, zucchini, and cucumber rounds for your dishes. You need one with strong blades that can stay sharp so avoid the cheap mandolin slicers with blades that tend to bend or become dull in just a short amount of time.

Vegetable peeler. It simply makes sense that if vegetables are the main component of your menu items, then you have to have a proper peeler for your veggies. A speed peeler can do the job very quickly, which is a blessing if you have mounds of potatoes and veggies to peel. Other peelers offer a secure grip so it won’t slip in your hands even if your hands are wet.

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Even some more kitchen tools…

Coffee grinder. While this tool is great for dedicated coffee fans, even non-coffee drinkers can use this for raw food preparation. To be more specific, you use this to make your own spice mix for your dishes. The coffee grinder can grind your whole spices, nuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds. Add some ground chia for your salad dressings, and they’ll thicken in no time. It’s better than buying ground flax or chia in a store. Because, you’ll have to store it in the freezer and take up space, or else it will perish very quickly.

Garlic press. Sometimes just the addition of garlic to a dish can make it taste divine. But peeling and chopping garlic can be a tiresome task. Which is why a high quality garlic press is crucial for your kitchen. With a garlic press, you can quickly have even pieces of garlic all over your dishes. And, you won’t even need to peel the garlic beforehand.

Spice rack. When you’re delving into raw food and vegan diets, it will really help you if you become more adventurous in your kitchen food preparation. One surefire way to do that is to make use of exotic spices that offer many astonishing flavors that you may not have had before. You can get a nice spice rack filled with organized bottles. And then, you can easily label so you know what herbs and spices each bottle contains. As a set, they will look great in your kitchen, and they’ll serve as a constant reminder when you use spices. You and your family won’t have to ever believe again that raw food and vegan dishes are tasteless and uninteresting.

Even raw food enthusiasts admit that…

…some of their food is still cooked. This is why you still need an induction oven plus the safest and healthiest cookware you can find. A slow rice cooker is also a good idea for your kitchen. Since there’s really no way you can enjoy the health benefits of rice without cooking it first. You can make sure you don’t end up with watery rice with burned rice at the bottom with a great rice cooker.

However, raw food can be your path to well-being. So, you may want to make sure that you have the best kitchen equipment for a vegan lifestyle and a diet of mostly raw food.

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