Interview at TVC Africa on Health Matters

Hi there! It’s me again, Christiana – Customer Service Personnel and the PA to my amiable boss; Collins Akanno. As it is required of my job, I was fit to attend his very first TV interview at TVC Africa studios here in Lagos, Nigeria.

The day started off good as I stepped out looking completely STUNNING for the day (winks, if you know what I mean). Anyway, there were hitches as it is paramount I got in on time to assist him organize a few tips and keep calm before the shoot ‘ACTION’.
However, he was requested to speak on the topic “Controlling Body Weight” on the Health Matters show by TV presenter – Habibah Basanya (a lady with a great voice).
And then, finally ACTION!

Show got started and eloquently, he spoke… highlighting core nutrition tips for one to adopt, in a bid to lose weight and then maintain the lost weight. I particularly picked out when he talked about the adverse effect of adopting the use of the so-called “weight loss pills” with false claims. He said one may become dependent on drugs like that. Also, he said that moderation in food portions is key to achieving weight loss and maintaining it, because that way, you become disciplined at eating and take every responsibility for your appetite.

Most importantly, Habibah made it easy going and the presentation sounded like an informal conversation between two good friends. It was an interesting chat and quick too!
Our faces gleamed with smiles as we successfully came to a close. It was a happy day. It couldn’t have been better. I learnt a lot from the talk show, like the need to be aware of food calorie intake and how often there’s need to use a weight scale on your weight loss journey.

After the interview we had the pleasure of some pic shots taken by one of the friendly TVC Africa engineers who had enjoyed the interview. See below.

Well, are you worried you missed this show when it aired some weeks ago? Don’t be! Click on the link here, stay glued and enjoy every moment!

Happy Sallah Holiday to our Muslim friends, it’s going to be a LONG one. Make it fun filled throughout and make sure to eat right while you enjoy. You are what you eat!

By Christiana Friday | [email protected]
Diet234 Team

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  1. We all saw this man in the days of humble beginnings.I was in my final year of Med school and he was a final year Nutrition and dietetics student.We all graduated and eureka, dude starts making impacts. keep the flag flying my man.At least i go dey see u for tv dey famz. lolz

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