Healthy Snack At The Office (TGIF)

Okay, so I recently felt the need to bring to you, my esteemed readers the pleasure of being aware of super food combinations and how this practice results in overall health and vigor.
I’d like to let you all know that, I got really wonderful feedback from readers (calls and text messages) but for some reason, there are NO comments on the post (and I wonder…). Well, I’d like to urge you to drop your comments and views, it helps our editorial team serve you better.

That being said, we the editorial team is open to food reviews. Let’s just say, you had this really great meal at this really great restaurant, feel free to share the awesomeness of the meal and/or the comfort and experience of the place with our readers.

Last night in the TGIF mood, our founder – Collins Akanno had us all munching this great tasting and yet very healthy snack. At first it seemed to me like we were going to have a perfect blended fruit smoothie, until I received a plate for my portion. He had ordered some bananas, groundnut, garden eggs and a pack of organic soy milk. At the sight of these food condiments, I was like (in my mind) NO WAY! My reasons were, I’m lactose intolerant…, I have a “pimple scare” for groundnuts…., I can’t stand the taste of garden eggs especially the very green ones etc.
But then, when the in-house kitchen assistant had presented the snack portions to us, we were already “wanting” from the rich scent and sight of the food blend. Some of my colleagues drank it as a smoothie, but I preferred to chew.

Anyways, in our excitement to have a taste of the meal, nobody remembered to take snapshots of the completed “healthy snack”. Though, I managed to take some phone pic-shots of the condiments, just before we all got excited about the preparation process.

I will let you in on some of the healthy facts of the foods condiments featured (see links);
A bunch of bananas
3 nylon wraps of groundnuts
8 garden eggs
1 pack of organic soy-milk (USDA Approved). This exotic and extremely tasty drink is available in grocery stores (see pictures). Get some!

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