Health Status: Best Practices After Dinner

I so wanted to tell a story for this blog, like I literally wanted to hit my “ogene” (gong) to bring everyone’s attention to what I have to say. It is important to note that, every decision we make no matter how little, affects the health status of an individual. Even if it is not immediate, but in later years because some certain medical conditions do not happen as an abrupt reaction to an activity, instead they build up and manifest after a long time.

Health experts on the other hand have made some facts known to us as a way of life, that can be practiced but not everyone is a faithful follower of the trend laid down. But of a truth, and I can soundly say that health is wealth and not matter how much wealth have been accumulated, it might not be enjoyed when all you do is use it on medical bills.

Now I am pacing round the streets of social media, hitting my “ogene” to call your attention to these things. I would outline a few that should be noted for now, because these are foundation steps to a healthy lifestyle. They are:

Water: To my best of knowledge, I can give a stand up poem about water because it is a source of life. I have never seen anything as emphasized as water has been. Drinking a cup of water before going to bed helps avoid stroke and heart attack, replenish any fluid loss that can occur during the night. Since your body is mostly water, you need to keep it hydrated in order for it to work properly. Water is a natural calorie-burner, although this isn’t necessarily true for everyone, it has a large amount of truth behind it. So this is another added advantage.

Do not sleep immediately: To be honest I am the first culprit to this act [NO let me rephrase, I was formally a culprit to this act]. Who would attest to the fact that sleep cometh like a cool breeze immediately you are done eating a good meal? But here is a fact, sleeping immediately after dinner can lead to an acid re-flux and it also hampers the digestive process.


Timing: Health experts recommend having dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed. Eat in moderation and avoid caffeinated drinks or alcoholic beverages at dinner. If you can maintain a gap of two hours between your dinner and sleep, it will help your digestive process.

Go low on your exercise: we know we are “team keeping fit”, “loose it or die trying”, but please take a chill pill and know when such comes in. When you attempt to work out after a meal, your blood starts to circulate in a way that gets blood—and oxygen—to all those hard-working muscles. That means blood flow to your stomach is drastically reduced and food can’t be properly digested. Taking a walk on your terrace after dinner can be helpful and also the best option. Walking helps digestion and you can also prevent fat accumulation through this activity.


A Simple Reminder…

As much as showering before bedtime is your daily routine, please try and give it an hour or two before having it. For food to digest properly, the blood flow needs to be stimulated towards stomach. Bathing does exactly the opposite. It diverts the blood flow towards your hands and feet and also adjusts your body temperature so you’re nice and groggy by the time you hit the sack. This affects the digestion of the food and can further lead to more health issues.

By Blessing Nwachukwu | [email protected]
Diet234 Team

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