Health Query: Making Proper Food Choices

Health Query: Making Proper Food Choices
Aug 9, 2016 Nitya Hullur

So we have been getting loads of health query regarding doubts about how to eat healthily and stay fit. Always be aware of how food affects your skin, hair, and gut. Get educated on our new health query column of Diet234. Write to me to understand the #wholefoodisrealfood approach to getting lean and being fit.

health query with Nitya Hullur


Health query:

Adewole: Hey I stay in Calabar, my weight is 100 kg and I am 5ft’9”. I heard about you from a friend who is consulting you for hyperthyroidism. I have a great metabolic rate, but recently I started having recurring episodes of bloating, abdominal pain and sudden weight gain. So my diet is simple – I have nothing for breakfast, my lunches are very heavy- 3 chicken sandwiches with potato fries and dinner would be jollof rice with puff puff. I do weight training thrice a week. What is going wrong with my diet- please help me, I want to feel light and energetic again.

Answer: Hey Adewole, the problem is with your food choices. When anti-nutrients overload the gut they make the digestive system weaker and lead to inflammation. Food intolerance, constipation, bloating and weight gain are the other results. Make these 3 changes to your diet- I can assure you, you will feel a lot better.

Nutrition Tips

1. Have a healthy protein rich breakfast: Have 2 scrambled eggs made in butter with 1 piece grilled plantain or have a cup of pawpaw or any other fresh fruit with one small piece chicken.

2.  Do you eat a nutrient rich and wholesome lunch?: Ready-made chicken sandwiches is an easy option but unhealthy, the high content of gluten in bread with processed chicken that has been stored for days makes it impossible for your gut lining to digest- this results in flatulence, that you are presently experiencing. If you want to have something on the go – try to opt for healthy foods like moi moi with chicken curry. Post your lunch, please make sure to have your omega 3 and vitamin supplementation- these can heal your gut very well.

3. Eat a light dinner: Jollof rice is perfect- add some veggies and no puff puff. It gives you digestion issues like constipation, bloating and weight gain- which you’re presently experiencing.

So try these simple diet tweaks to have a healthier lifestyle and superb gut heath! For a gimmick-free approach to a healthy lifestyle get in touch with me on

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