Lemon Juice; Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking it


Lemons are among the most common ingredients in kitchens across the world. Lemon juice is also very reinvigorating. They add tangerines to dishes and turn them more delicious and tasty. Housewives use them to add plentiful of favour to a variety of dishes and food items.

Food apart, did you know that lemon or lemon juice has a range of health benefits? Yes, it brings a lot of health benefits as it’s a rich source of various vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body.

What’s more, lemon juice contains flavonoids that have antioxidants which help the body stay away from many diseases. Thus, we can clearly see how a small fruit can benefit us in so many different ways.


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Here are some major health benefits of drinking lemon juice –

Weight loss

Health experts recommend drinking lemon juice regularly to lose weight and combat obesity. The juice is quite helpful in burning extra fat in the body and helping people regain the desired slim shape. This fat burning task becomes easy since lemon improves digestion apart from detoxing harmful substances from the body. So, once the metabolism is boosted, weight issues never crop up!

Improved digestive system

Lemon juice helps flush toxins and impurities out of the body. Since the juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, toxic substances are easily made to find their way out of the system. What’s more, it also stimulates the bile production of liver to make the digestion as smooth as possible. All this leads to an improved digestion.

Boost to Immunity

Lemon is perhaps the richest available source of vitamin C. It also contains a high amount of potassium. Both the ingredients are helpful in boosting the capabilities of the nerve and brain besides keeping people away from issues such as colds, abnormal BP etc. What’s more, it increases the iron absorption in the body to give a huge boost to the immune and respiratory system.

Skin Care

For ages, lemon has been used for skin care due to its richness of vitamins and minerals. Right from treating acne to eczema, it helps treat a variety of problems to restore the dazzle and glow of the skin. In fact, elderly and experts alike suggest drinking a mix of lemon juice and honey to get a flawless and healthy skin. It can also help minimise wrinkles, blackheads and delaying ageing!

Bones, Inflammation and sore throat   

The presence of vitamin C makes lemon juice effective in keeping your bones, cartilage and tissues stronger. It’s thus helpful in preventing inflammation and speeding up the healing process. What’s more, health experts recommend lemon to treat a sore throat.

Dental Care

For ages, people have been applying fresh lemon juice on their troubled teeth or area to deal with a toothache. They use the fruit also to stop gum bleeding through a regular massage. Be it keeping the clean teeth or tackling bad breath issues, lemon has been a great tool for dental care. The vitamins and minerals present in lemon are considered great for your dental health.

In overall, these are some of the major health benefits of drinking lemon juice and you can benefit from the fruit for sure.

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