Health Benefits of Banana

It’s very common to see people “going bananas” all year round. It makes me wonder, does this fruit ever go out of season? Well, good thing it doesn’t because it is one of my favourite fruits. In fact, banana and groundnut combination can do no wrong in this life! LOL

Let me share with you a few amongst the numerous health benefits of banana. Please view your concerns in the comment box below the post, thanks as you do. Enjoy the read. You could read more on banana here.

Health Benefits of Banana

  1. Allergy – Bananas consists of only beneficent amino-acids, which are not ALLERGIC in a majority of health cases.
  2. Anaemia – As bananas are highly rich in Iron content, they are much beneficial in the ANEMIA TREATMENT as in DIET THERAPY.
  3. Boost Energy – Sugars like sucrose, fructose and glucose present in bananas will provide an INSTANT ENERGY to the consumers, very useful for athletes, fitness trainers or people who operate heavy-duty machinery.
  4. Constipation and Diarrhoea – In general bananas are given as a REMEDY in diarrhoea and constipation cases. This is because they can NORMALIZE BOWEL FUNCTION.
  5. Dysentery – Bananas effectively work for DYSENTERY. Ripe bananas, which are mashed and processed to cream is very effective in the DYSENTERY TREATMENT on children.
  6. Hangover – Banana milkshakes together with a little bit of honey is a very good remedy for a hangover. It SOOTHES your tummy, together with milk, it helps REHYDRATE the body system.
  7. Helps to stop smoking – The nutrients like POTASSIUM, VITAMINS and MAGNESIUM that are present in banana take out the nicotine from the body. ACTING AS A CLEANSER.
  8. Improve mood – An amino acid called TRYPTOPHAN present in banana helps in the SEROTONIN PRODUCTION. Serotonin hormone is very well known to enhance the mood as well as overcome.
  9. Intestine disorder – Bananas are good for intestinal disorders as it is easily digested. As bananas are so soft and easy to digest, they can help in the process of HEALING AND ACUTE SYMPTOMS.
  10. Improve brain function and keep alertness – Potassium and vitamin B6 available in the banana helps in developing the brain function as well as keep ALERTNESS and promotes CLEAR THINKING.
  11. Kidney disorders – As bananas consist of rich CARBOHYDRATE content and low protein amount, they are so useful in kidney disorder.
  12. Menstrual disorders – Cooked banana flower along with curd is a very good remedy for MENSTRUAL DISORDERS. Banana flower raises a hormone called progesterone which can REDUCE the bleeding.
  13. Overweight – Bananas together with SKIM MILK is a very good medicine to reduce your weight.
  14. Reduce the risk of heart – Potassium in banana maintains the body fluids and electrolyte balance in the cells and helps in BLOOD PRESSURE control, thus reduces the risk of heart stroke and attack.
  15. Urinary disorders – Juicing banana stem is an effective medicine for urinary disorders. Bananas IMPROVE LIVER AND KIDNEY FUNCTION which reduces the pain and irritation in it. It is even helpful in ELIMINATING STONES in prostate and kidney.
  16. Good for blood – Vitamin B6 in bananas is useful in the haemoglobin and antibodies development in the blood.
  17. Healthy bones – Potassium present in bananas helps in REDUCING THE RISK OF OSTEOPOROSIS by reducing the calcium deficiency, bananas also consists of a special compound known as FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDE, which encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon to ABSORB CALCIUM.
  18. Healthy nervous system – Potassium in bananas can help in PREVENTING STROKES, regular banana eating reduces the risk of deaths by stroke by about 40%.
  19. Ulcers – Bananas consists of an ANTI-ACID EFFECT which can soothe the belly and ease stomach-burns.
  20. Eyesight – Regular consumption of bananas or other fruits can PREVENT the MACULAR DEGENERATION development, which is responsible for the loss of vision in most adults.

A unit of banana (i.e. one finger) that weighs about 80g gives about 90 calories of energy.

Eat a banana for that feeling today!

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