Lifestyle Tips to Get Healthy in One Month


We all know that being healthy is a combination of a good and balanced diet and regular exercise. We know it but we don’t always do it. Sometimes, it’s easier to pick up a takeaway after a long day at work, and once you’ve sat down, there’s no chance you’re getting back up to go to the gym. The only way you’re going to get healthier is if you’re determined to do so. So, here are some tips for getting healthier in just one month.

Keep a healthy fridge

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Start at Home

If it’s in your fridge or cupboards, you’ll eat it. If you’re ready to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you need to remove the temptation. Take away the chocolate, biscuits, sweets and crisps. Even if you plan on treating yourself every now and then, don’t keep treats in the house. When you’re ready for a treat, go out and buy them as a one off. Out of sight, out of mind. Replace treats with extra fruits so you have a way of handling cravings. For example, eat strawberries and cream as a dessert instead of chocolate cake.

healthy amounts of rest is needed

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Get Your Rest

8 hours of sleep per night is recommended for most adults. Sleep is a huge factor in how we manage to live, too little and too much is not good for us. If you’ve ever had a restless night and then attempted to navigate through a stressful day, you’ll be able to relate. Do what you can to relax just before you go to bed and then get a good 8 hours rest. Sometimes, 9 hours are needed at particularly hectic points in your life.


It doesn’t matter what time of day you exercise or what your chosen activity is; the point is to get your body moving. Whether you want to improve your cardio or you’re looking for exercises that are effective for building muscle, you’ll be gradually improving your health. Waking up and exercising first thing in the morning can drastically improve your overall health. Not only are you getting the exercise you need but you’re also stimulating your brain, ready for the day ahead. Try going for an early morning jog. You’ll feel great heading to work!

healthy fruits of various colours

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Get the Right Nutrients

Avoiding eating a balanced diet means you aren’t getting the right nutrients for your body to function properly. The best way of knowing if you’re getting what you need is to eat the rainbow. Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of different colours for a reason. It helps you to figure out what you’re putting into your body and what you’re lacking. Here’s a quiz on how to know the difference.

Cut Out Sugar

You may notice that when you indulge in a lot of sugar, you feel great for a certain amount of time and then you start to slump. That slump in your energy makes you feel like you need a pick me up, like coffee or an energy drink. And, so it carries on until your body is full of things it doesn’t need. Cutting out sugar from your diet will be one of the best things you ever do to be healthy. You’ll feel more energetic, your mind and body won’t rely on the temporary bursts of sugar to keep you going and your cravings will drop.

Drink More Water

The average adult should be consuming around 2 litres of water per day. That’s without the water that’s contained within teas and coffees. It can seem like a mammoth task, but once you incorporate drinking water into your daily routine, it won’t seem like such a challenge. This works well with the addition of exercise into your daily routine. The more exercise you do, the more water you’ll drink. Try adding a slice of lemon for some flavour.

Remember It’s for Your Benefit

Going on a diet or doing more exercise can seem like a punishment. Try and change the way you think about a healthy lifestyle. You’re not doing it to punish yourself, you’re doing it for a better quality of life. You’ll have an easier time of getting healthy if you’re excited about what you’re doing. Try and set yourself a goal. Whether it’s to lose weight or build muscle or feel energised, it’ll help you to get through the difficult initial stages.

When you’re really determined to be a healthier version of yourself, nothing will stop you. Just the thought of reaching your goal will get you up in the mornings. Go for it!

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