Garden Eggs – Talking Business Over Healthy Snacks

Business Over Garden Egg with Diet234 Team

“Mehn, this is a serious throwback for me”, Yeside said. “I remember back in those days when a garden eggs were used to make the sauce which we usually ate with yam, rice, and sometimes plantain.” That’s right, Yeside had not eaten garden egg in ages.

Cregital Team and Diet234 Founder share some garden eggs and groundnuts

Some members of the Diet234 team visited Cregital, a leading creative design agency in Nigeria, and decided to take a little nourishing snack for them, some garden eggs, peanuts, and local peanut butter. They sure did enjoy the healthy snack break. As most Nigerian roadside food hawkers announce,…someone actually yelled “Yay! gadin yeg gan granut” lol!

This year and going forward, Diet234 hopes to increase nutrition awareness in most corporate organisations in Nigeria. Sometime last year, we were invited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) office in Lagos to speak to staff via a nutrition seminar during their health week. It was an awesome time. See a copy of the seminar presentation here

Join other companies that care about the nutritional health of staff members and book us.

The Cregital team got to learn…

Garden eggs and peanut butter

A few amazing things about Garden eggs;

Garden egg has rich health benefits which aid in the general wellness of the human body.

It is rich in nasulin, a very good source of vitamin B6, folate, magnesium and niacin. They vary in shape, size and colour. Some are rounded while some are elongated. Their colours vary from yellow, white, green, and purple (popularly known as eggplant).

Garden eggs can be eaten on its own/raw, and it can also be eaten with the locally prepared peanut butter or groundnut/peanuts. It is a major ingredient in garden egg sauce – a well-known Nigerian delicacy, when boiled spiced with hot fresh pepper, can be consumed with either rice, plantain, yam, or just about any other thing you feel like eating it with.

Cregital and Diet234 shares garden eggs and peanut butter

Also, they are known as brain food, due to the high-level of anthocyanin phytonutrient found in its skin, Nasunin; a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that protect brain cell membranes from damage. This were the things we had in mind as we purchased this fruit/vegetable for the creative team. Find out about other brain foods.

New memories and friendships were forged among team members that morning.

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