Food Folklore: Beliefs About Food (2)

This is in continuation of food folklore (1) a few days ago in order to showcase food folklore in other food categories not mentioned in the last post. Enjoy the read!


Milk: Prevents scurvy; helps to heal ulcers; causes constipation; unpasteurized milk has more nutrients than pasteurized; a glass of milk before bed causes drowsiness; mothers who drink a lot of milk have colicky babies; milk and other dairy products are fattening and should be avoided on a low-fat diet; the calcium in milk and other foods causes kidney stones
Yoghurt: Prevents vaginal yeast infections; cures vaginitis, constipation, and diarrhea; yoghurt applied topically heals a sunburn


Bread: It is the body of the supernatural; cures disease and protects against evil; is a fattening; food brown bread has more fiber than white bread
Flax-seed: Effective cure for constipation; prevents cancer; lowers cholesterol
Oats: Oatmeal and oat bran can prevent heart disease; is a memory booster – “oatmeal before an exam, helps students remember”


Beef: Eating beef and other red foods causes high blood pressure; extra protein from beef makes muscles stronger
Chicken soup: Cure for the common cold
Eggs: Drinking raw eggs helps build muscles; brown eggs are healthier than white eggs; people with high cholesterol should not eat eggs
Sea foods: Fish is a brain food; fish is good for the heart and prevents heart attacks; pregnant women should avoid eating fish; oysters increase sexual potency

Fats, sweets and alcohol

Olive oil: Protects against breast cancer
Cod liver oil: Relieves rheumatism, aching muscles, and stiff joints; prevents rickets
Sugar: Causes tooth decay; causes hyperactivity; eating too much causes diabetes and heart disease
Honey: Is natural and will not raise blood-sugar levels; a mix of honey and water is a good cure for colic and convulsions
Chocolate: Food of the gods; Causes acne; eating chocolate helps to prevent heart disease
Salt: A no-salt diet protects against high blood pressure; sea salt is healthier than table salt; salt tablets prevent muscle cramps
Alcohol: Helps to warm the body in cold weather; acts as a sleep aid if consumed before bedtime; red wine is good for the heart; a nip of brandy cures a cold; drinking alcohol with raw oysters ensures they are safe

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P.S: These folklore are not entirely guaranteed to be true, they are only common experiences and/or attributions to the above food items listed. Thank you.

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