Say NO to Food Abuse in the New Year

It’s barely two weeks into the New Year and we have commenced full swing with work at Diet234. I and everyone (team members and contributors) at Diet234 would like to extend new year greetings to our esteemed readers and clients. We love you all so much.

If there is one new year resolution that should still remain in place even when you get bored and morally weak as the 365 days roll by (you know what I mean), it should be your decision to eat right and strictly shun attempts to indulge in any kind of food abuse. Make sure to eat clean and adequately at all times. Food abuse is wrong on so many levels. I am sure you don’t want to start of the year toasting to wrong doings so, fall in line and say No to food abuse.

Use of food in Nigeria and most other countries

Recent trends regarding the use of food has shown that most people have pictured food as a sacrifice to appease a certain “god” known as “Hunger”. This we believe, has been due to the fact that substantial awareness has not been accorded to nutrition education at various societal levels/units.

Food should be Nature’s Pharmacy

As given by the Almighty God, food should be nature’s pharmacy. Most people are unaware that food could heal, cure, elevate moods, improve memory and brain power and give the potent energy that fills us with vigor and strength as well as still give satisfaction to the strong desire to eat (hunger). The right foods consists of organic fruits and vegetables as well as carbohydrates, proteins and fats at adequate portions and they ultimately help us perform to peak capacity. While the wrong foods are mostly processed and packaged foods hence has a high content of preservatives and artificial sweeteners which when consumed over a long period of time results in ill health and diseases. So, crave and eat more right foods than wrong foods.


Did you know that?…
  • The cabbage in your beef barbeque (suya – a popular staple food/treat in Nigeria) can ward off the possibility of cancer?
  • The tomatoes in your pasta (spaghetti and noodles) can effectively take care of free radicals in your body from today’s polluted environment?
  • The carrots in your salad can give you the essential beta-carotene to fight off many diseases plaguing us today and even prevent sterility in men?
  • The anti-aging process in our body would improve if we would just drink more water.

Have you ever wondered how the Japanese retained their youthful looks? Well, the answer is quite simple – They drink green tea and eat a lot of fish. If you want similar benefits, switch to green tea as it has lots of antioxidant.

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