Farewell to Our Quintessential Editor – Funke

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of a very SPECIAL Team member – Funke Saidu Oshifuye.

All the words cannot even begin to express our sorrow at this time. I felt robbed in the morning when I heard this news, honestly, I’ve not cried in a long while. I kept pondering, It’s no wonder all my messages on WhatsApp has been unanswered since Saturday 8th by 4:08am (when we last had a chat), but I’m glad she read them, because in it, I told her that “this week will be SWEET all through”, and she said “Amen” with a smile emoticon. This gives me an assuring though faint hope that she’s in a better realm. Little did I know I was having the last conversation with my editor and friend. Her last words to me was “K…bring something from the East when you travel” – 4:08am, I had informed her of a planned trip to the east. (tears stream down as I write this)

It is difficult to understand why such tragedies happen, why Funke was taken from us so early at a prime time of her life. Only God knows best. We hope and pray that her husband and family be surrounded with good friends and the pleasant memories of the very lovable Funke.

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I remember her beaming smiles at the Randle General Hospital corridor and in office when I come to consult her expert advice. She seemed to have a zest for life and a rare passion for her profession as a Nutritionist and Dietitian that few of us do and she was willing, …ever willing to share that zest and knowledge with others, it is no wonder she obliged to work with us, out of FREE will, …totally FREE, just to support our cause and build the dream. Her sudden death feels like a dream within a dream.

I shall never forget her poise to educate the general public via insightful nutrition articles even for the past few weeks we worked together on Diet234 (https://diet234.com). Her last nutrition article sent to me on Saturday 8th (when we last chatted) in preparation of the World’s Diabetes Day on Friday 14th this week is titled – Sugar: A Sweet Deal? will be posted tomorrow morning on the website and will stay up till after this week runs out to honor her in our little way.

We beckon that her family and friends, please accept what little comfort these words can give.

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. We want them to know that we are remembering them today and always. May God grant them divine comfort and the fortitude to bear this painful loss.

I say Funke is an achiever! Because as the well said words of an unknown writer once said; Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts (for great good), and we are never the same. To especially her husband, please as you comprehend this profound loss, let yourself cry, knowing each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens. We all love and will miss her as the days roll by.

Collins Akanno
On behalf of The Diet234 Team

feeling sad.

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