Egusi Soup and Eba – My Favourite Meal

Egusi Soup and Eba – My Favourite Meal
Apr 9, 2017 The Diet Blogger
Eguisi Soup

Last time Christiana wrote about Ukang. Well, my favourite food is eba and egusi soup. I have always liked egusi because of its ease of preparation and also because it’s rich in nutrients especially fat and protein. Egusi soup is one of the most popular soups in Nigeria and prepared mostly by the Igbos. It’s a must try for anyone who hasn’t tasted it before. And, actually very tasty if well prepared. ?

It can be prepared by frying, boiling or the lumpy way. See pictures below on the preparation process and the soup when done the cooking.

Egusi soup condiments

Ingredients for Egusi Soup

  • Melon (egusi) seeds – about 3 cigar cups (ground)
  • Red palm oil – 3 cooking spoons or more
  • Crayfish, dry fish and stockfish (all ground)
  • Pepper (ground) and salt to taste
  • Vegetable (pumpkin or bitter leaf, sliced)
  • Seasoning e.g Maggi or Knorr cubes
  • Beef (cut nicely and washed)


  • Prepare meat stock by boiling the meat with seasoning in a separate pot.
  • Put 3 cooking spoons of red palm oil into a pot and set the stove to heat.
  • When the oil is translucent (clear), add the egusi. Keep frying until the egusi is dried and properly mixed with the oil.
  • Also, add the meat stock little by little while still turning the egusi.
  • If the soup is too thick, you can add more water, and the vegetables (i.e if your choice of vegetable is the bitter leaf).
  • Cover for 20minutes.
  • Add the crayfish, pepper, meat, Maggi, salt and pumpkin if pumpkin were used.
  • Now, leave the pot covered for another 10 minutes.

It can be served with Eba (garri), pounded yam or cassava fufu.

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