Eating Healthily On the Go is Possible. Find Out!

Eating Healthily on the Go

Eating healthily can be tough at the best of times, but when we’re busy, it can seem impossible. With jobs, families, hobbies, and socialising to squeeze in, we can neglect what we eat throughout the day. Here are some simple suggestions about eating healthily on the go, and why it’s so important…

Why is Eating on the Go So Tough?

The truth is, that when we’re busy rushing from one meeting to the next, we usually grab snack foods. This could be a packet of crisps, a coffee, or some kind of toasted sandwich. These aren’t the healthiest of foods to fuel us and are usually laden with calories, fat, or sodium. When we’re this busy we usually don’t have time to set aside a dedicated hour for lunch so we opt for quick food instead, which usually equates to unhealthy food.

What Should I Be Eating on the Go?

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Nuts are a great healthy snack to have to hand on busy days. Make sure you chose dry-roasted or raw almonds rather than any sugary, or salt covered alternatives. Nuts are a bit of a superfood because there’s evidence to suggest that they protect us against cardiovascular and other diseases. Nuts are also packed full of healthy fats, omega 3, fibre, and plant phenols, these are health-promoting ingredients which are great for us. Almonds, in particular, are a good choice as they have high levels of vitamin E and are natural antioxidants. They can help to keep our heart and skin healthy.

Fruit is another great snack to eat when you’re on the go. Bananas, in particular, are a good idea as they release energy slowly throughout the day, and keep us fuller for longer. For the same reason, eating porridge in the morning is a sensible idea for anyone with a busy day ahead. Oats are also slow-release energy foods and help to keep up full and focussed throughout the morning.

Tips for Eating on the Go

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Set aside time to eat breakfast in the morning. This is especially important if you know you’re not getting a lunch break. Consider your breakfast careful and choose foods which will keep you fuller for longer. Avocado, eggs, and oats are all great options. You can prep your breakfast the night before if you need to.

In terms of lunch try and pre-prepare if possible. Ready-made lunches that you buy out often have hidden salt and calories in them. Making your own lunch you can control what ingredients you use. Have snacks which are easy to eat on the go between mealtimes, especially if you can’t take a lunch break.

It’s so important to eat healthily, and not just to stay in shape. Canada’s Online Pharmacy have some information about how our diet affects our mental health. What we eat also affects our concentration, energy levels, and focus throughout the day. Eating the right foods can also lessen our risk of disease. So implement some of this eating on the go ideas, into your routine.

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