The Struggle to Eat Healthy Against All Buns

Iya Sukurat's amazing buns

“Oya Iya sukurat where is my Fisi” I demand as I’m dipping my left hand into my bag to search for N100 note. She adds just a tiny piece but I can’t complain after all it’s a free piece.

Oh, how lovely it would have been with even a cold bottle of Pepsi that has a little ice in it to accompany it (you know what I’m talking about) I mean in this Lagos weather it is definitely bliss.

As I take the first bite and I give a very big grin and continue to enjoy the sugar glazed goodie thinking to myself how great it was that Iya Sukurat can discover her God-given purpose to make the most amazing buns, my eyes drift to my desk sticky notes and I flinch. This was meant to be my Fourteenth Day of eating clean and I had just broken all my hard work because of N100 worth of buns. Well, I decided to share my food story on Communeating 


I couldn’t believe myself I had even gone as far as boasting to my colleagues that I’m going to lose a whole 20kg before my birthday which was met with giggles. I’m super sure they sent her to me today to make me fall and boy did I fall.

I know I’m not the only who made the new year resolutions or even new month resolutions to eat healthily and at least shed off a little fat so as to finally let the summer body load this year but every single time we are faced with so many food options out there that take us right back to zero point.

Well as I’m talking to you now I’ve packed this far away from me and rather than blaming the poor security man at the gate who I’m sure Iya Sukurat has swayed with a little bribe to let her in against my word, I am ready to take responsibility for my Healthy lifestyle and be disciplined with my Diet. Hope you won’t mind joining me on my journey with Diet234 to reach my Health and Fitness goal this year. Book a consultation here.

by Christine aka “The Food Prefect

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