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Diet tips

Are you interested in eating right, shedding a few pounds, toning up, or just looking and feeling better on the inside and out? See diet tips below. We have found out that every year, many people go on strict diets and join a gym. However, a lot of these people can fall at the first hurdle or lose the motivation to continue on the journey.

Diet tips to improve your nutrition

The problem is that people put too much focus on a strict diet or exercise regime that just isn’t sustainable. So I thought I would share these diet tips with you to help you get leaner.

diet fibre


Increase your fibre intake

Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that your body can’t break down into glucose. It happens to naturally slow your digestive system down. Which is a huge benefit if you have a problem with snacking between meals or not feeling satisfied after a meal. Additionally, it can also lower your cholesterol level. Making it a huge health advantage to increase your intake in your diet. Fibre also enables you to slowly release the energy you obtain through your intake of carbohydrates. Giving you a slow and steady, consistent glucose level in your bloodstream. This gives you the advantage of having a balanced diet, which can help you on your way to a leaner body.

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Cook from scratch

The problem with processed food is that they have a lot in them that we are not aware of, not to mention the increase in salt and sugar that they have. So it’s always worth cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients to ensure you are getting the best out of your meals. If you find that you aren’t too equipped in the kitchen for cooking, then now is the time to invest in some new items like sharp knives and a pan set. Websites, like Cut it Fine has a great selection of knife reviews to ensure you pick the right set for you. Also, it’s worth sticking with recommended kitchen appliances to ensure that you invest your money wisely. If you find yourself lacking inspiration on what to cook, then research online to find healthy recipes.

Meal plan

Planning can help you avoid that last-minute take outcall when you think there isn’t anything to cook. Planning your meals can help you keep costs down, which in turn means you can invest in fresh ingredients instead of processed ready meals and snacks. But it also helps you to plan your meals around your workouts, making sure that you get a carbohydrate fix after a workout and that you are careful what you eat on the days you may not be taking exercise. If you’re interested in our meal subscription plans, we are ready to send healthy meals your way. Also, you can book a nutritionist/dietitian to fix up a meal plan for you here.

meal plan


Preparation is key

Once you have your plan in place preparation in advance will help you stick to it. This might mean pre-preparing vegetables and meat ready to be cooked on certain days. Saving you time and effort after a busy day.

Eat more protein

Protein helps you to build muscle and also tone up, so increasing your protein intake, especially on days where you are exercising is a great tip. Some people choose to drink shakes that include protein powder, but if you prefer just increasing your meat and fish intake will help you get the amount of protein you need in your diet. Protein also helps you to feel fuller for longer, which will help you to avoid snacking on sugary items between meals.

protein meal


Be inspired by green vegetables

Green vegetables are loaded with nutrients but have very little calorie value. Making them essential to a healthy well-balanced diet. You can add them as accompaniments to your meals or even blitz them into your breakfast smoothie. Green juices and smoothie recipes are plentiful online, ranging from the greenest to something a little more subtle, depending on your tastebuds. Things like wheatgrass shots are also something you may want to consider. Learn more about matcha smoothies here.

Drinking plenty of water is the best-kept secret of all diet tips

Being dehydrated makes you physically and mentally tired, it isn’t any good for you if you are striving for that leaner body. Increasing your water intake will enable you to detox your body naturally while giving your body essential hydration, especially when exercising. Also, instead of opting for room temperature water, choose a cold glass instead as the thermogenic effect can allow you to burn off extra calories.  



Be serious and declutter the kitchen of temptation

If you keep unhealthy food in the kitchen and/or fridge, you will eat unhealthy foods (know this and know peace). It is no good having chocolate in the cupboard or crisps in the drawer, that is just allowing you to be tempted and ultimately is a one-way ticket to stopping your healthy eating journey. While, of course, a treat is allowed and even recommended, try and keep away from the temptation of treats in your home. Instead, buy yourself a treat and eat it, storing it just means you may be likely to eat something when you should be choosing a healthier alternative.

Green tea is the next best-kept secret of all diet tips

Did you know that green tea can aid in fat burning? It’s one of the most natural ways to supplement your diet that can aid you on any weight loss journey you are on. It is the antioxidant it contains that can help you burn calories. So choose this beverage during an afternoon slump instead of getting a coffee hit. The caffeine in it will keep you awake while doing some good in your body. Win!

green tea


Add supplements to your diet

Finally, supplements like fish oil are a great way to get those essential amino acids in your diet. Also, you don’t have to eat fish at every mealtime. The fish oil and omega 3 helps to decrease the signs of ageing, both physically and mentally, but it also helps to decrease your resting heart rate. While this may not seem like a benefit, it does help you work harder during cardio sessions to increase your heart rate to burn off the calories.

Did you enjoy reading these diet tips?

I hope these diet tips have enlightened you on some of the ways you can improve your nutrition to get a leaner body. So share it with someone you care about today.

Cover Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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