Diet Goals During This Season

Before we dive into the diet goals, in September, we did a countdown to the festive season post ( click here ). It was a prep to “how we should work on our diet” in anticipation for the Christmas and New Year season. Hopefully we made a head way with that (I guess so). We emphasized about portions and color which was a good therapy in controlling the amount of food we consume. The link was inserted above to give you a recap of what it is all about.

Now here are some questions you have to ask yourself

Do I want to have a constant cheap meal this season?

If yes, what if it affects my diet?

Am I ready to hit the gym and workout like a beast afterwards?

Would my job or school give me that flexibility?

Or am I just too greedy that I don’t want anything to pass me by?


With the thanksgiving celebration that just passed and the anticipation for the Christmas and New Year celebration, I am sure our brain is lingering on the turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pie and a whole lot more that might be coming your way. For those on a diet it is going to be more of a challenge to be faithful to your goals. This can be termed “the challenging time of the year”. I am sure I have witnesses in the building (LOL).

Now the question is, what in the world are we going to eat on these days? I think this all depends on what our goals in fitness are. If our goals are to gain size, maintain size, or lose some size in the form of body fat, then we should plan accordingly.

We all need to plan our nutrition accordingly to continue to meet our health and fitness goals, especially during this time. So here are some great ideas

  • Go on low calories idea such as Turkey, Broccoli, Green Beans, Low-sugar sauce/jelly, Egg whites, Sugar-free yams, Cucumbers in vinegar, Onions, Mushrooms, Green salads, Apples, Lean white meat or fish soups, Spinach, Unsalted nuts, Avocado, Fresh tomato, Unsweetened teas, Coffee without cream, Pears
  • On maintaining your weight:
  • stay away from heavy and thick cream sauces
  • choose white meat such as turkey and chicken over beef
  • get plenty of vegetables and medium amount of fruits
  • If you hunger for carbs, choose one with whole grain and whole wheat versions for instance, stick to brown rice.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum and drink water whenever possible.
  • Opt for small low fat milk and yoghurts
  • On losing weight: I usually advice that
  • Stick to your diet plans
  • Get a friend or weight loss buddy that can serve as a support system and can hold you accountable
  • Just say no, even if you are offered a plate of homemade pie. It is okay to politely decline.
  • Feed your vision not your belly. Bad food is everywhere this time of year, so we need constant reminders of what we really want to accomplish.
  • Have a plan, if you show up at occasions during this season without a plan, you’re more likely to succumb to eating unhealthy foods and eating more than you should.
  • Create a no cheat zone and stop making excuses (we all do that a lot)

    Diet Goals

Determination is the key to achieve all these. Focus on your goal for your body and DO IT.

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By Blessing Nwachukwu | [email protected]

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