Communeating (communication + eating) is a community organisation, initiated by Diet234.com to scale up nutrition awareness and education, food and nutrition security and offer basic healthcare services through nutrition intervention programmes to people in Low and Middle-Income Communities. Communeating provides a discussion platform and food sharing community for all the good food lovers in a bid to curb food wastage, extend nutrition education and intervention.


We aim to integrate public and private resources, including local businesses and the government to relieve hunger and offer support to vulnerable groups (women – especially the pregnant women, children and the elderly) across communities in Nigeria. By leveraging on the three areas of community nutrition practise which are; People, Policy and Programmes. Regardless of setting and target audience, we have one desired outcome; behaviour change that brings about food and nutrition security. Our platform traverses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) primarily the SDG2 – Zero Hunger.


Communeating is a quarterly event to give back to society, offering health and local food promotional services. It is done in April, August and December labelled AprilSeedings, AugustShowers and DecemberHarvest.

#AprilSeedings (Last Week in April)

The ‘Seeding Period’ opens the Communeating of each year. It is when we plant seeds of food sustainability through a call for donors and sponsors, new and old volunteers for nutrition education, assessment, intervention, food delivery and wellness services in the low and middle-income communities.

#AugustShowers (Last Week in August)

The ‘Shower Period’ creates room for a great outpouring of love, blessings and support. It creates new outreach locations through the community entry volunteers and the setup of food banks in these communities.

#DecemberHarvest (Last Week in December)

The ‘Harvest Period’ closes the year with abundance from our outreaches in communities. The local organising committee (LOC) comprising of the management team, community entry volunteers and food banks discuss how to make the incoming year a continued success.


These individual programmes above feature any or all of these and more.

  • #NutriPack giveaways
  • #SoupKitchen lines
  • #StarChef cooking
  • #FoodSwap party
  • #Nutrication (Nutrition assessment & education)
  • #TheCommuneatingTable
  • #HealthyFoodOnABudget competition
  • #FundFoodChallenge
  • Farmers market


  • FoodHEs (Food & Health Enthusiasts) are the volunteers/agents of change needed to build an ideal seed-conscious community towards achieving SDG2 – Zero Hunger.

You can be one of our titled BreadWinners, Communeating Chiefs, Food Guardians and Communeating Champions. Yes, you!!

  • BreadWinners are our selfless donors of (cash or kind) received for any of the Communeating programmes from official announcements for donations.
  • Communeating Chiefs are our reliable entry points. They set up community entry by interfacing with the locals and community leaders. They are responsible for securing a venue for the outreach.
  • Food Guardians are our trusted ‘food banks’ either an individual or an organisation. They act basically as our collection, gathering and storage centres.
  • Communeating Champions are our top partners/sponsors, both individuals and/or organisations that make great contributions (cash or kind) towards the success of our community programmes.

Learn more at The Communeating Table


  • Reached over 1500 families in over 7 communities in Lagos state.
  • Featured on; BBC Pidgin: Common Nutrition Mistakes, Digits 1025 online radio, Lagos, Nigeria.


Communeating fosters social relationships, as food always breaks the ice amongst people. Are you a Chef, Food producers, Nutritionists/Dieticians, Agriculturist/Farmers, or a Foodie?? Join the Communeating! – communeating.diet234.com

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