Common Nutrition Mistakes We Make in Daily Diet

Collins Akanno discussing Common Nutrition Mistakes

It is without a doubt that there is an increase in nutrition misinformation leading to common nutrition mistakes.

Everywhere you look someone is readily offering nutrition advice usually based on zero evidence. Very briefly in the discussion, we have been able to highlight 5 very common nutrition mistakes, that people seem to be repeating over and over especially in Nigeria and Africa at large. Take note these points are based on science… thanks to Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition for his ebook compilation that further inspired my discussion with Dr Juliet Offiah of on her health discussion series – “A Morning with Dr Julz”.

Watch the health discussion below to learn these nutrition mistakes. You can get the guest discount on nutrition report regarding your healthy weight.

So feel free to drop your thoughts too in the comment section. We seek to learn too!

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