BBCNewsPidgin Interview on Common Nutrition Mistakes in Nigeria


BBCNewsPidgin (1) invited me to share knowledge on matters pertaining to nutrition in Nigeria. I decided to talk about a few common nutrition mistakes to start the series and also certain local superfoods that are overlooked by so many including you! Watch the video interview below.

Now, you’d agree with me that there is an increase in nutrition misinformation. And this is based on zero evidence thereby leading to these common nutrition mistakes.

And for many, understanding nutrition and planning a “perfect diet” can be very stressful and time-demanding as well. There is a need to be aware of one of the most common nutrition mistakes. This can help guide you in the right direction. Get a discounted guest nutrition report now via this link. This will enable you to know your ideal body weight and more to inform the right nutrition choices today!

And if you only remember one thing; please for your overall health, focus on nutrient-dense real foods. Nutrient-dense foods are foods that are packed with and supply essential nutrients asides the caloric value provided. One major nutritional mistake made by the present generation is NOT EATING REAL FOODS. Did you know that Real foods don’t need an ingredients list, they are the ingredient?

Research has shown that what most healthy, non-industrial societies and communities that maintain excellent health all have in common is that they eat real, unprocessed foods with close resemblance to its natural forms.

A lot of studies have examined such societies and observed that there’s almost a complete absence of Western, lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease (2, 3).

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