Vegetable Juicing For Respiratory Troubles

Before we dive into the nifty gritty of today’s blog post, it would be good to acknowledge the different types of respiratory troubles or preferably issues that exist in health statistics. To mention a few we have asthma, bronchitis, cough, influenza, pneumonia and a host of others. Asthma is extreme difficulty in breathing owing to […]

Hormone Balance Superfoods for A ‘Super’ You

Have you imagined a building with no strong and organized internal foundation? It’s chaotic, isn’t it? That too can happen to your body if your hormones are out of whack! Hormones play huge roles in making sure that your body is in its best shape and condition. These minute chemical messengers regulate your moods, reproductive […]

Acai Berries: Polyphenol, Anti-aging Secret

Acai berries are the healthiest food ever grown on the planet. Yes, Acai berries is being referred to as a food because it can comfortably take the place of a meal over another other fruits. They are amazing berries offering nutritional value more than any other fruits. They can take turns to be high energy […]

Best Practices Before Meal: Breakfast

Before we dive into the confusion that seems to be more like a rule (but I would call it a life pattern that could help in building your health status and sustaining it), I would love you to ask yourself these questions that can direct you on your focus for a healthy life. How bad […]

Turn Your Meal Leftover To The Right Snack

I used to be a big time food-waster. In fact I go shopping with the honest intention to use every ounce of soy-milk, every pack of mixed vegetable and so many different stuff I load in my cart. Sometimes I cook with the intention of finishing every bit of a nutritious meal, but I end […]

The Dangers of Binge Eating

When you realized you just binged, you start feeling guilt, bloated, frustrated, uncomfortable and depressed. If you are a fitness person, the next thought is “all my progress has been ruined in the last 12-24 hours”. The feeling of turning back the hands of time will set in, time to give up. Right? Most times […]

Countdown to the festive season. DIET ✔ FOOD PORTION ✔

The town crier’s crow of the “ember season”. Welcome to a new month, September. It’s a new season to remember, that dieting is the best way to go. The greasy food won’t do much good to your health in a life time as much as it would do to your stomach for a short time. […]

5 Expert Tips for Eye Health

Take a moment to imagine yourself going out for a walk at your favorite park. You likely enjoy the refreshing greenery, the colorful hues of flowers in full bloom, the distant peal of children’s laughter, or the tasteful landscape adorning the vast land. Now try to imagine how the experience would be like without the […]

Malnutrition and Crooked Teeth

For good oral health it is not enough just to check-up your dental health once a year with your dentist, to maintain regular dental hygiene at least twice a day, but it is also very important that you eat right. Proper nutrition is important, both for general health and for the health of our teeth. […]

Super Food Combinations

Food combinations for healthier eating have been adopted in nutritional science on the basis of nutrient – nutrient interactions i.e. how a certain food nutrient in a mix affects the other food nutrient, either by enhancing it’s absorption or hindering it. If you add these powerful food combinations to your diet at least twice a […]