Vegetarian Foods – A High Protein Diet

protein vegetarian foods

Let’s learn about a few high protein vegetarian foods to include in your diet. Also, why protein is so important. We should keep body performance at good level always. Being a vegetarian is a healthy lifestyle choice. But, you have to take into account the fact that you will lack the primary source of protein, meaning […]

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Made Easy

cinnamon raisin bread

This Friday, we’re talking about the tasty cinnamon raisin bread. Cinnamon is so good for us, but it can be pretty difficult to find a way to work it into our diet. Learn more about the health benefits of cinnamon. What’s the fuss? As a digestive, cinnamon drastically decreases the comfort connected with Irritable Bowel […]

Unusual Weight Loss Tips That You Didn’t Know

weight loss tips cover image

Most people that read this blog will think that they know everything about weight loss. It can feel that way when you spend a proportion of your life trying to lose a few pounds. But, don’t despair because there are weight loss tips that even you don’t know yet. You mostly find blogs full of […]

The Alkaline Diet: Does It Improve Overall Health?

The Alkaline Diet which is also known as the Acid/Alkaline Diet has been steadily gaining popularity since its introduction a few years ago. Many celebrities use it claiming that it offers many benefits like weight loss, protection from diseases and increased energy level. The big question is if it really is effective and if there […]

Food Additions To Your Diet That Give Nutrients You Need

Food additions

This isn’t a list about which superfood can do all the work of a whole diet. Or a specific plan to only eat certain foods that will get you healthy in no time. This is simply a list of food additions that are incredibly good for you. These foods each tick off at least one […]

Do You Use Food To Fend Off Illness?

In illness, what do we usually do? Cover photo by – Dianne Hope. Most of us aim to eat healthy foods to reduce obesity and improve energy levels. Some people experiment with their diets to fight illness and disease. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are essential nutrients for a healthy body […]

Your Body Deserves a Treat this Christmas

Everyone deserves some extra care, from time to time. Since you should most definitely treat your body as a temple, you should not neglect its needs. You will keep it healthy from the inside with proper nutrition and hydration. What happens with the part that is exposed to the outer influences the most – your […]

What does bitters have to do with good digestion?

“What does bitters have to do with good digestion?” anyone might ask, promptly making an awful face to indicate that a bitter flavor is the last thing in this world he or she would voluntarily let past their lips. It is not rare to see most of our aged folks in rural settlements fondly “wash” […]

Vitamin C: Gimme! gimme!! gimme!!!

Vitamin C is arguably the most popularly consumed vitamin – if not in the whole world, I’m very sure of in Nigeria. Well, it will interest you to know the following: Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, which is the form found in most foods. It is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored in the […]

Stomach Ulcer and Red Cabbage


Anyone who knew me well enough back then in the Nigerian university I once attended, would recall that I was a constant visitor to the hospital. It was more than what meets the eye because I was once a healthy child. I couldn’t recall visiting hospitals before my admission to the university. I never understood […]