Fighting Medication: When ‘Weight Gain’ Is A Side Effect

weight gain through medications

If you look down the side effects section of almost all medication leaflets, you’ll quickly see the dreaded entry: weight gain. It appears on medications that cover a huge range of conditions, including some of the most commonly diagnosed in our society. Medications for depression and anxiety disorders, for example, carry a significant risk of […]

Need for supplements to aid your workout schedule

supplements during exercise

So today here, we are going to discuss supplements and their need while working out. But, before getting started let me make you aware that if you are really concerned about your fitness then you need to start your daily fitness regime on fitness gear like best spin cycles, kettlebells, ropes, bench press etc. Make […]

Drug Addiction: Everything You Need To Know

drug addiction

Drug addiction is something you may never have thought about before. But what would happen if somebody you know became addicted to drugs or you started to become dependent on drugs yourself? Addiction is a taboo subject for many of us. But the reality is that drug addiction is a real problem in our society. […]