Be a part of our healthcare team.

Yes please!


We’re always in need of staff; food enthusiastic bloggers, social media experts, marketing rock stars, customer service connoisseurs, and everything in between. Aside from being awesome at what you do, we love people who get sh*t done, think outside the box, and want to be part of an amazing team of doers.

You + Us

We aren’t a smug, VC-funded startup with fridges full of imported microbrews and boring TV shows during lunch (although we do spontaneous breakdance battles sometimes…). We can, however, offer you:

  • Competitive salary + a meal ticket for you daily
  • Relaxed time-off policy
  • Swag galore: We’re talking t-shirts, buttons, shopping and airtime call vouchers, trips and more.
  • Amazing co-workers. Seriously.
  • Career growth: Do what you love and do it well, no bizarro rating system.

We’re located in the FESTAC area of Lagos, our Nigerian HQ office, and easily accessible via multiple modes of public transit.


If we haven’t scared you away, apply to one of the jobs below and include your resume with a brief cover letter (for real, we hate reading) about why we’re “soulmates”. If it seems like we should take things to the next level, we’ll reach out to you and maybe even bring you in for an interview. This could be the start of something delicious, so get started!

     Job Title                                               Department
Chef                                                          Menu & Settings
Data Entry Technician                          Menu & Settings
Nutritionists/Dietitians                      Creative & Consultation
Food Scientists                                      Creative & Consultation
Account Personnel                                  Sales & Support
Restaurant Operations                          Menu & Settings
Food Blogger                                       Creative & Consultation
Customer Support Specialist                  Sales & Support
Driver                                                    Logistics & Procurement
Pickup/Delivery                                  Logistics & Procurement

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