Can one be a fruit addict?

“Remove that water melon from the fridge oo” was what my mum was saying to my sister as I got home. Yes, I acknowledged that knowing how power supply seems to be “steady” these days. Some months back, when I said no to “Change”, some people criticized me. Now, I can’t enjoy a decent chilled fruit without having to chew on ice. *LOL* Below is my large piece of the water melon. Juicy right?


Did you know that the water melon seeds have a good quantity of proteins? Make sure you chew it too as you enjoy your fruity snack! If you’d like a nutrition consultation absolutely FREE, contact us today.

Now, you will agree with me that most times our environment influences a lot of things we do. For instance, being surrounded with people who are diet conscious or you work in a company that is concerned with dietary choices and practices, one has no option than to be in tune with that same pattern. As some persons would say “If you can’t beat them you join them”. Well, as for this particular one –, I chose to join them. For times immemorial, I have been served on my return home from work with fruit salad or most times blended fruits (smoothies) every day. And the creativity behind most smoothies is just something that could make one smile. (Imagine a blend of sliced garden egg with water melon) *LOL* And this has made me crave each time I see fruits on the road, in stores and when stuck in traffic.

Earlier today, Collins offered to get me pawpaw on our way as we drove back from a meeting but I turned it down. (I don’t like pawpaw. My problem though) Most times I tend to buy other fruits I love and devour without proper washing aside the normal “casual” washing. (don’t try this at home).

Now, the big question running through my mind is; with my incessant love and cravings for these fruits, can I be addicted to fruit? If yes, why is it so and does it have a side effect? But our in-house nutritionist has made me to understand that you can never get it wrong with fruits. Never! Generally one can be addicted to anything even fruits but as a negative stimulus being resulted then it’s a NO! The intake of fruits can cause an increase in weight but it’s the “right kind of weight”. The one that brings increase in the lean body mass (muscle weight) and NOT increase in fat cells in the adipose tissues and I tend to concur. It’s just so natural and contains everything needed for healthy body growth and development. Fruits increases the body’s fighting power and ability to bounce back from infection and it’s for everybody irrespective of status. This fact just cannot be over-emphasized. Some persons feel some fruits are for the “well to do”.

It is apparent that,

“the world’s hunger situation is getting ridiculous. There’s more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo than in a poor man’s plate”.

I beg to differ though. Whether one is born with a silver spoon or golden spoon, plastic spoon or wooden spoon, it does not matter the spoon you were born with, what matters is what you do with the spoon. So please go out there and dig into any fruit with your God-given spoon. Also wash properly before eating.


Healthy eating makes healthy selfies (like the one you see on the left) *winks*

By Kingsley Oti | [email protected]
Diet234 Team

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