Exercising: Can You Lose Weight Without It?


We get it; going to the gym and working out is kind of the worst. It’s hard and tiring, and you don’t get the results you expect after sweating buckets. You wonder how you’ve only burned 100 calories after using the elliptical for an hour. So, we tackle the ever-hopeful question: can you lose weight without exercising? We found three different ways that can help you lose weight: taking a dietary supplement, eating healthier, and getting enough sleep.

Which Supplements Actually Help Your Exercising?

There are dietary supplements that come from all-natural ingredients that help you burn fat and boost your muscle strength without you lifting a finger! Although they have better results when you do add in some exercise into your schedule, dietary supplements assist you in curbing your appetite so you won’t be snacking throughout the day. If you’re unsure which supplements are trustworthy and which ones are not, you can look at websites like Analyzethat. These websites review any and all health care products so you know what you’re getting into before buying anything. We are going to focus on three different diet pills that help stop your cravings: raspberry ketone, forskolin, and saffron.

●    Raspberry Ketone


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Raspberry ketone is made from a chemical found in raspberries. It helps by speeding up the fat burning process and regulates your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is low, you tend to crave and consume more sugar, leading to weight gain.

●    Forskolin


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Forskolin is derived from the root of a plant coleus. It minimizes your appetite and also stimulates muscle growth. This also helps boost your metabolism which helps you digest foods and lose weight more quickly.

●    Saffron


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Saffron is a kind of flower that has amazing weight loss properties. It curbs your appetite and helps you feel fuller for longer. This way you’ll be eating less and avoid cravings which helps you maintain a normal weight.

Do I Have To Go On An Extreme Diet?

Our answer here is a resounding no. Although some people may thrive on a strict diet, there is no reason to go through a diet shift if you stick to a naturally healthy diet. Cutting out processed foods will work wonders with your figure and ensure you are receiving the correct amount of nutrition your body needs to function normally.

Processed foods are foods that have been changed for various reasons, whether it’s for added health, added taste, or to add its time it is still “fresh” on the shelf. Foods that come pre-packaged and ready-to-eat are much more processed and less healthy for you. Some of these foods include granola, deli meat, cookies and crackers. To avoid eating unhealthy processed foods, check the labels. You definitely don’t want to purchase foods with added sugars and high sodium levels. You can figure out how much added sugar versus natural sugar is in a food by looking at the first three ingredients: if you see sugar, corn syrup or maltose in the first three ingredients, put it down. Instead, purchase snack foods that are sugar-free or are low sodium.

Whole, unrefined foods are the way to go. This includes foods from all categories of the food pyramid: grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins. Replace deli meats with lean cuts of meat like chicken or fish. You can easily cut calories by eating a large portion of fruits and vegetables. Weight loss also is sparked by vitamin and mineral boosts you receive from fresh foods. Also, whenever you can, eat fresh, instead of frozen food.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

The tragic thing about weight gain is that it can increase when you are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation causes your metabolism to slow down and your stress levels to rise, which is the perfect combination for potential weight gain. There were studies that compared people on the same diet and workout regime but with different sleep schedules. Those who had five hours of sleep or less only lost half the weight of those who had plenty of sleep. People also have the tendency to snack more when they are tired. Food wakes you up and sometimes you can’t just take a nap or go to sleep. A sleepy brain makes it harder to control impulses of eating and therefore you’re more likely to munch on foods when you’re tired.

Exercising: It’s Not All You Need

As you can see, weight loss doesn’t just have to do with exercising for hours on end. Making sure you are eating the right foods and getting enough sleep is just as important if you want to lose weight. Taking natural weight loss supplements are also a great idea if you need extra help curbing your cravings.

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