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It’s a new week and most of us had a run, dance in the shower or some kind of exercise. Well, you will agree with me that working out and sticking to an exercise regime is a tough business. You know you should do it for a myriad of reasons, but sometimes, there’s no denying it: you’re just not in the mood. Work has been driving you crazy or social occasions are calling your name; give in often enough, and you’ll soon find yourself falling out of the habit. You should get a gym buddy.

It’s for this reason above all others that you will find having a gym buddy beneficial. When someone else is there, chivvying you along and always ensuring you don’t miss a session, you’re far more likely to keep yourself on track with your exercise goals and prevent any drop or rise in form weight loss or weight gain. A gym buddy is also a perfect way to stave off any boredom you experience while exercising, as well as giving you someone to share exercise and lifestyle tips with.

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Learn how to get a gym buddy now…

However, not all of us immediately have access to a friend who has the same determination when it comes to the gym. If you’ve been wondering how you can go about finding a gym buddy when there are no apparent candidates around, then wonder no longer…

Convince A Friend

Even if your friends don’t currently exercise, don’t assume that they don’t want to exercise at all. It’s worth having a chat with your nearest and dearest to see if any of them like the idea of pairing up. You could start gently with fun exercises to introduce them to the gym-going life, be it a Zumba dance workout or a nice de-stressing yoga class – something that gives them a taste of what it might be like. They might decide not to continue, but it’s always worth having a go!

Ask Your Gym For Help

You’re not the only member of your gym who might like a gym buddy but doesn’t currently have someone in their life who fits the bill. That’s why it’s worth having a chat with your gym to see if they might be able to arrange connections. Interested parties can sign up and then be introduced to one another. It can work well, so either get involved with an existing pool or encourage your gym to introduce one.

The Direct Approach

If you tend to go the gym around the same time on the same days of the week, then you will begin to see a few faces that you recognize. People that are already in the same workout pattern as you. So try and be brave, introduce yourself, and see where it goes from there. They might not be interested in a gym buddy, but it’s by far the most direct and simple manner of teaming up with someone who’s already on the same schedule as you.

Look Online

If you post on free online classifieds for the type of person you’d like to be introduced to, then there’s a good chance that someone who fits the bill will notice. Make sure you list the benefits of a gym buddy, as well as a brief overview of your existing regime and the times you tend to work out. Hopefully, this will help to connect you to someone like-minded in the right area.

Given how useful a gym buddy can be, taking the time to try and find one is time well spent. Wishing you the very best of luck in your search. Have a happy new week ahead! 🙂

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