We partnered with Max International for Great Nutraceuticals

We partnered with Max International for Great Nutraceuticals
Apr 12, 2017 The Diet Blogger
Diet234 partners with Max International as an Independent Associate

We felt the Need…

Do you know anyone struggling with stress, diabetes, hypertension, inability to learn or focus, high cholesterol, lack of sleep, fertility or potency issues, arthritis, fatigue or other health disorders? You’ll agree with me that these health challenges are quite prominent in Nigeria, Africa and beyond our borders. How great will it be to help fight the popularity of these ailments? Max International is one company that has sought to champion this fight against ill health conditions using glutathione enhancing nutraceuticals powered by RiboCeine™ Technology.

Collins Akanno of Diet234 visits Max International

” We believe in the movement of modern medicine from disease curing to preventive medicine using adequate, healthy foods, nutrition education and nutrition supplementation – the application of nutrition science to promote health, vitality and performance.”
~ Collins Akanno | Founder, Diet234

How great will that be when you earn money with tonnes of blessings, good health and peace of mind? (No wonder they are smiling). Well, Max International offers a platform that is robust enough to catch your fancy but also involves you in the social mission of distributing a product which can give better health to your customers, call it preventive health if you like. As Max International’s Platinum Associate – Anne Turnbull (the Canadian lady in the cover photo with Collins) would usually say…

“In Max, network marketing is personal development with a pay plan.”

…this is definitely one of the notable sayings I have heard this year! Well join us soon and reach out to a growing family of motivated individuals.

Large order of Cellgevity from Max International

So, we just placed a large order and yes we can make it available to you anywhere in Nigeria within 48 – 72 hrs or less! Alternatively, we could get you in the business and offer you our team support in several ways. Just fill an online form and join our family, indicate your interest here.

Introducing Max International

Max International is a multifaceted company headquartered at 7090 S. Union Park Avenue. Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84047. U.S.A. Max International has become the leader in glutathione research, development, and distribution. Max International instantly realised the enormous potential of RiboCeine™ when they were initially approached by Prof. Dr Herbert T. Nagasawa. They quickly took action to become the sole marketers of it because of they saw the benefits it will have on the overall health and wellbeing of people all over the world.

Max International has since incorporated RiboCeine into four of their products including MaxONE, a product that contains nothing but RiboCeine solely to enhance the natural production of glutathione in the body. Then, there is Cellgevity with 12 additional nutrients and vitamins which you can buy at the Diet234 shop. The founder of Max International – Steven K. Scott (a very cheerful man indeed, see him below looking very stylishly dressed in an Igbo tribe attire lol) and a strong management team are the individuals behind Max International. They are focused on empowering people to enhance their lives, and they have already begun doing so across 15 countries (Nigeria inclusive).

Max international Founder - Steven K Scott

The Max Opportunity

Max International has unique natural products that are based on real science and that make a big difference for people’s health. When you combine that with the chance to own your own business, set your own hours, the training and support that are provided, you find that the income opportunity is truly unlimited.

Simplicity is the key to any great opportunity and Max has kept it pretty simple; you choose the role you want to play as per your business ambition and with our help – the Diet234 team, we will put our years of market expertise and product knowledge to aid your growth.

Here’s a brief about the Max Compensation Plan. Just fill an online form and join our family, indicate your interest here. The same will entitle you to sell the Max products like Cellgevity, Max ATP and earn incentives for the same too. Each person joining Max International is known as an Independent Associate (IA).

Why Max International uses the Network Marketing Channel?

A person who joins as an Independent Associate in the marketing plan of Max International is eligible for earning incomes. Through the marketing plan of Max. Now, every IA has the opportunity to purchase the product at wholesale price. To either sell them at retail price or consume them personally. After using the products and feeling satisfied with quality and concept, the IA can share business opportunity with other people and can sponsor others.

Therefore, sponsoring other people, you can also begin building a substantial Independent Associate organisation and earn commissions from certain retail customers in your referral line. By passing your sales and marketing knowledge to your developing team, IA can not only build a personal business network but also enable others to build their own teams. This way they will also start using the products and so on. Thus, the company does not require any advertisement or middlemen for selling its products. The amount saved will be distributed between you and the people who associate with the company because of you.

Join countless others…Get in touch today!

Attend our health and business opportunity meetings at NO COST.
Refreshment for the early-birds.

FEATURING: Seasoned professionals from all walks of life.

DAY: Saturdays

TIME: 10 am and 4 pm prompt.

VENUE: 5TH Avenue J Close. FESTAC Town, Lagos.

CONTACT: Call 0701 704 6776 or 0813 674 1289 for seat reservations.
If operators are busy, please call again, we’d love to meet you.

If you are not in Lagos, you can watch our Business Opportunity presentation via the link below.
Press the play button on the page that follows after pressing the button below.

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